Welcome Private Money And Hard Money Loan Seekers!

MCL Consultanting is a private money and business loan finder consultant specializing in commercial real estate and business funding projects worldwide.The definination of a “Finder Consultant ” is a person who finds what someone is searching for and earns a referral fee by matching up a person who has that item with the individual who wants it.

Many Companies depend on third party contacts to supply them with products, customers, as well as sources of money but would rather pay a professional “FINDER” a consultant fee rather than waste precious business funds tracking down and sifting through mountains of information on their own.

So in order to define what a “FINDER” is, let me first point out what a “Finder Consultant “is not’. A Finder is not a pre-seller–pre-sellers accept a selling price from a product source, add-on what they feel to be a fair margin of profit,and sell the item. After they make a sale,they then buy the product and ship it to the buyer. A Finder is not a dealer, dealers take on a product,or service, for continuing promotion and sales.They are responsible for the distribution of a product, or service from the main source to the end user.

A Finder is not a representative or agent for either the buyer or seller.In short representatives and agents are empowered by their clients to negotiate the purchase, or sale of specific products or services. They can legally sign documents obligating their clients.Too many supposed Finders are not really Finders at all-they are only salesmen, agents,representatives and pre-sellers.

To sum it up,a Finder is nothing more than a match-maker for a fee. So,the professional Finder simply matches qualified buyers with qualified sellers or vice versa -for a ( commission fee) ! Finders do not sell anything save for their contact knowledge. Finders do not negotiate anything except their own fees. Finders do not add on their profits.