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What Is Corporate Business Lending?

Corporate lending is essentially the same thing as a personal loan, except instead of being made from a bank to an individual, it is made from a bank to a corporation. As a result, the amounts of money being dealt with tend to be substantially larger, and some of the protections are a bit different.
Corporate Lending

Corporate lending can take any number of forms, including Commercial Asset-Based Lending, structured finance, and cash flow corporate lending. Asset-based lending is when the loan given is secured by means of some sort of asset. In personal loans, mortgages are probably the most well-known form of asset-based lending. In corporate lending an asset-based loan may use real-estate, intellectual property, or expensive equipment. Asset-based lending is one of the more secured forms of corporate lending, since the bank lending the money has protected itself by balancing the value of the assets with the amount of the loan.

MCL CONSULTANTS continues to strive to be a leading participant in the Capital Lending Business sector. Businesses are often in need of short and long term financing for business expansion, working capital loans, commercial real estate purchase commercial debt consolidation and much more. MCL’s main objective is to streamline the lending process, so you can concentrate on building and operating your business.


We offer all types of corporate financing and business loan services to companies of various sizes. Whether your company is a small local business or a large diversified corporation we have designed a business loan program to fulfill your financing needs.

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