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Bridge Loan Financing
Commercial Bridging Loans

You are in need of a temporary loan until you sell a property for a short period, maybe you refinanced with a traditional loan when you have more time or resources, your credit or financial situation improves, or a property that is under construction is completed. Regardless of your dilemma Direct will arrange execute and fund your Bridge Loan Financing super “Quick”.
Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans

Often a Commercial borrower needs a Bridge Commercial Lender to facilitate the financing of a property for a short period of time. A bridge loan is a specially designed form of financing that is used when a borrower is expecting to sell a property quickly or refinance it within a near future.
Commercial Real Estate Bridge Lending

MCL CONSULTANTS. offers Bridge Commercial Mortgage Loans on a variety of commercial subjects including, apartments, retail, office, medical center office and much more. When we fund a bridge loan for our clients, we look for an feasible “exit strategy” to be certain that our borrower have strategized a plan to retire the loan through selling or refinancing into low cost long term financing through MCL CONSULTANTS and or its lending sources. Bridge Commercial Financing terms are typically 12-24 months and many can be refinanced into low cost, long term financing.

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