Distressed Commercial Loans


Distressed Commercial Building

Lending For Distressed Property Loans

We offer expert funding for distressed apartment loans, office, hotel, and much more. Our service oriented professionals give you the underwriting expertise required by today’s tougher lending standards. Whether you are a seasoned investor or new to the market, we’re here to help you explore your best options for distressed commercial financing.

Many properties every year are forced into foreclosure and bankruptcy protection. Many times these situations are caused by extenuating circumstances beyond the control of the property or property owner. We offer short term hard money loans for those in this situation to give time to stabilize the property and transition back into permanent financing.

Our Commercial Hard Money Loan Programs are ideal for non bankable transactions that need to close quickly and do not fit into our bridge loan lending criteria. MCL’s hard money loans are strictly collateral based loans. Our commercial hard money lending guidelines offer creative options such as cross collateralization of assets, second mortgage positions, equity participation and the use of non-tangible assets as additional collateral. MCL CONSULTANTS’s Commercial Hard Money Loans and commercial bridge loans and are structured in a way to facilitate permanent financing or collateral disposition.

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