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Need a Hard Money Loan FAST? A hard money lender may be exactly what your business needs because you are consistently hearing no from the banks when you are attempting to obtain financing.

We are the hard money loan, short-term lending specialists. Deal direct with the Hard Money Lender. We offer Hard Money Loans up to $100B  – FAST!

There are times when quick and creative financing is needed. We are Hard Money Loans experts. As a Hard Money Lender with fast access to the capital needed from private investors, we can help. Commercial Real Estate, Construction or Residential Loans – Fast! All at Best Available LTVs.

Unlike traditional lending, which is largely defined by credit scores and the borrower’s ability to repay, hard money loans are based almost entirely on the value of the underlying asset. We are direct Hard Money Lenders nationwide including Texas, Florida, California, Nevada Las Vegas, Michigan, Georgia, New York, Maryland, Ohio, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Indiana, Atlanta, Colorado, Arizona, Kansas, Chicago, Minnesota, Illinois, Virginia, Salt Lake City Utah, New Jersey, National USA, Canada and International. We can satisfy ALL of your lending needs and requirements.

We are known for speed, service and integrity. Investors know that when they need a fast funding decision and a quick closing, or construction hard money loan, they can rely on us to be there for them. If you need quick access to financing to close on a property in as little as 2 weeks or less or do not meet conventional bank financing but have equity in their property Contact Us Immediately – WE CAN HELP! Deal Direct with the Lender NOW! Hard Money and Private Money Mortgage Specialist.

Simply complete the quick profile below, and we will start the ball rolling immediately. Remember – Do It Right The First Time!

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