Personal Loan


To begin please complete this brief company questionnaire and return it to me.

The purpose or reason for the loan__?
Length of time at your current address, and monthly mortgage/rent payment amount__?
Employer name, address and phone number (if applicable)___?
Length of employment (if applicable)___?
Amount of yearly salary___?
Any other annual income you’d like us to consider____?
Your credit FICO scores___?
What are your monthly expenses?
Have your ever filed bankruptcy?
Do you have any judgments filed against you?
Do you have any tax liens owed to IRS or State Gov’t?
Do you own your own home?
Are you current with your mortgage or rent payments?
How soon do you need a loan?
How long has it been since you last applied for a loan?
List of lenders you have applied to for a loan ?
Where you approved or turned down for your loan?
If you were turned down what reason was given?
If you are not approved for any loan what will you do?
Do you have a co-signer if needed?
Best Wishes,
Reggie McLeod
MCL Consultants
BUS 1-585 527 8151
FAX 1- 585 328 0043

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